Agent 19
Agent 19
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Black
Eye color:       Brown
Species: Cat
Age: 20's
Personal Information
  T.U.F.F. Agent
  Company members

Agent 19 is a character who is a member of T.U.F.F. Company. He is tri-colored, having white, black, and gray colored fur.


  • Ralph: Not much is known about 19's relationship with Ralph.
  • Claire: 19 really likes Claire and her sunny and positive disposition.
  • Crazy: 19 is good friends with Crazy, and never gets into disagreements with her.
  • Agent R: 19 gets along well with R, and enjoys hearing about his experiences at R.U.F.F..
  • Kevin: 19 gets has a good relationship with Kevin, and often tells jokes with him.
  • WonderKat200: 19 likes WonderKat, and finds his chicken obsession funny.
  • Agent 12428: 19 is friends with Agent 12428 and has a good relationship with him.
  • Maria: 19 likes Maria, and finds her obsession with Keswick quite funny.
  • Amo: Not much is known about 19's relationship with Amo.
  • Chito: 19 is good friends with Chito and the two frequently talk.
  • Fairly: 19 is friends with Fairly, and enjoys his company.

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